Dancing in the Street – Gymnast Style

Seeing as it was cold and winter and almost Christmas what better way to spend a day than doing some gymnastics around the centre of Rugby. I hasten to say that it was not me doing the gymnastics!

Shania was my willing subject and has been for many years a gymnast and is also an instructor, so there was no worries that she would not be able to provide some amazing images.

As you can see we created some amazing images….surprisingly though not one of the shoppers complained – most simply smiled or commented how amazing she was. I think the face of the small child walking past sums it all up !!

When the machines fall silent..

At the weekend I was given access to a now silenced factory..where once it was alive with the sounds of people working and the steady throb of machines it was now eerily quiet…with perhaps only the occasional plop of dropping water echoing eerily in the distance.

For this adventure we have the lovely Amy, who braved the cold to model. All images are shot using the Sony A7rii, an 85mm lens and occasionally lighting by Rotolight (Neo I and II).

See look sometimes I do shoot in colour, although more and more these days it is monochrome that colours my life! (like what I did their?)

Probably a pixie..am fairly sure a pixie…

Sometimes all you need is a pretty girl and a dingy location to create beautiful images

London Town

Recently I spent some time in London covering some of the off schedule shows at London Fashion Week 2013.
I took along on the last day one of my regular models to do some street images I had been wanting to capture for a while. I love the area around brick lane due to it not only being the heart of london fashion but also because of the diversity of the surroundings.
Indeed while we were there we saw two other shoots taking place!
Obviously shooting in Urban areas comes with its own unique problems. There were the builders who drove past us 3 times to ask for directions….the abandoned house which obviously wasn’t when the owner opened the door or the 20 french school kids who wanted to watch our shoot taking place!IMG_1967



All images taken by Paul Hastie, Vision of You, a Coventry based photographer.IMG_2014



Our lovely model for the day was Jodi.IMG_2030



Brick Lane served as our location for these shots, a complete contrast to the mean streets of Coventry and I feel they appear Italian for some reason? What do you think?IMG_2050






things that make you go hmmm…

Semi-professional photographer based in Coventry. Use local studios for my studio based work – mainly B72 Imagings (great little studio owned by an awesome photographer). Have shot a number of bands over the years (some famous, some not so famous) each and everyone has been different and good fun. Great love of fashion shows, have shot for Clothes Show Live on a number of occasions (a good few consecutive years now), Style in the City Birmingham, Style Birmingham etc as well as Catwalk shows for a number of designers. Have worked with a number of models, the vast majority of which I would recommend (think there is only one that I wouldn’t give a reference for and she is not present on this site!). Try to ensure that all my shoots are fun – what’s the point if you don’t enjoy it?

Equipment wise, I shoot with Canon (5Dii and IDiiN) and have the usual L series lens to ensure best image quality.

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