Clothes Show Live 2013

Once again I was privileged enough to gain accreditation to shoot the Clothes Show Live at the  National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham. This year was the 25th birthday of the event, seems like only yesterday I attended its 21st birthday. Through out my time covering the event it has remained pretty consistent in its approach and it does seem to be an approach that works. There is the main show event, which is incredible. This year it was 32 minutes of fashion excitement. I had the pleasure of talking to the choreographer Andy Turner and was stunned to discover how short the time was taken to learn the routines. It goes a long way to the testimony of the calibre of the models and dancers involved.  There are approximately 2 and a half days of dance rehearsals and then a final couple of days with it linked into the catwalk show, so all in all less than 5 days practice results in the extremely polished event that we see on the day! I really was expecting it to be measured in weeks not days. Appearing on the stage were designs from graduates to high street names to couture. Primark nestled against up and coming fresh designer Alice Vandy, which rubbed shoulders with designs from Thomas Codd and Nikita Karizma which shared the stage with William Tempest.

monsters under the bed
monsters under the bed


Louis Rennocks
Louis Rennocks Clothes Show 2013

Jayde ThompsonCP6A0424

Alice Vandy featured design
Alice Vandy designed outfit

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