London Town

Recently I spent some time in London covering some of the off schedule shows at London Fashion Week 2013.
I took along on the last day one of my regular models to do some street images I had been wanting to capture for a while. I love the area around brick lane due to it not only being the heart of london fashion but also because of the diversity of the surroundings.
Indeed while we were there we saw two other shoots taking place!
Obviously shooting in Urban areas comes with its own unique problems. There were the builders who drove past us 3 times to ask for directions….the abandoned house which obviously wasn’t when the owner opened the door or the 20 french school kids who wanted to watch our shoot taking place!IMG_1967



All images taken by Paul Hastie, Vision of You, a Coventry based photographer.IMG_2014



Our lovely model for the day was Jodi.IMG_2030



Brick Lane served as our location for these shots, a complete contrast to the mean streets of Coventry and I feel they appear Italian for some reason? What do you think?IMG_2050







These are a few images from an explore of an abandoned farmhouse. A criminal waste of a lovely property that has been allowed to fall into disrepair. It currently teeters on that fine line where in a few short years it will be beyond repair.
My model for the day was the lovely Stacy. The shoot was two fold in that I wanted to see how the property photographed for a future shoot and also I wanted to test with Stacy with a view to a future biker style shoot we had discussed.
The morning had started off with lovely blue skies peppered with fluffy white clouds and as we arrived at the shoot location this had been replaced by grey overcast skies and a significant drop in temperature matched by a gentle breeze…
Today marked the death of a second of my 7dayshop umbrellas, however it’s death was not in vain as it cushioned the landing for the flash heads and pocketwizard that was behind it!
One day I will learn my own lesson that no matter how light the wind seems an umbrella is perfectly made to form a very effective kite!!

By Water and by Rail

Pretty much the first day of Summer saw Charli and I heading to Birmingham to try and take advantage of the weather. The light was pretty unforgiving it was harsh, bright and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. One of those days when you envy photographers who have the huge scrims and portable shades – the ones you only need for 5 days a year in England and today was one of them!
We started off at the Canal Basin behind the Mailbox, and took a couple of quick snaps:

As the light was getting harsher and harsher we dived into the nearest subway for a quick bite to eat and a throw away comment lead to us heading to Coventry Railway Station, yes the backdrop to many an expensive fashion shoot…..

Whilst we were shooting these we were approached by the station staff and asked if we were shooting for Virgin Atlantic as Charli was ‘wearing the uniform’